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Delta Dental Insurance – Louisville, KY

Discover the Advantages of Delta Dental Insurance

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At Bell Dental, our team understands that restorative treatments can be costly. Even a regular dental checkup and cleaning can put a strain on your wallet. Fortunately, as a dentist in Louisville who is an in-network provider with Delta Dental, we can ensure you pay the lowest amount for the services you receive in our office. How is this possible? Our contract agreement with Delta Dental guarantees that certain services will be covered at a designed price, helping you to keep more money in your wallet while donning a healthier, more beautiful smile. If you want to find out more about how we can help you maximize your insurance benefits, contact our office today!

Delta Dental Premier Plus PPO Coverage Availability & Fees

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Dental insurance is set up in a way that encourages patients to receive preventive care in order to avoid possible problems in the future. This is why you will most likely find that your policy covers 80-100% of preventive services. These can include dental checkups and cleanings and maybe even digital X-rays.

However, even if you remain diligent about your oral hygiene routine, issues can still develop over time, requiring you to receive restorative care. Depending on how your plan is set up, this can be a major or minor treatment, each of which covers care at a designated percentage level. For most minor services, you can expect Delta Dental to pay around 80% of the cost; however, for more complex or major services, these will be covered at around 50%.

With this level of coverage, you can feel confident about moving forward with treatment knowing your out of pocket expenses will be minimal. This is what makes working with an in-network provider different than seeking help from someone who is not in-network. As a Delta Dental dentist, we will work to file any necessary paperwork or claims so you don’t have to, and we will make sure you are not growing close to your annual maximum. Instead, we will work to spread out your treatments across calendar years to help you avoid unnecessary, additional costs.

Meet Mary

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Need assistance better understanding your dental insurance plan? Unsure if you are covered for a particular procedure? Want to know how you can maximize your benefits and save the most money before the end of the year? All of these questions can be easily answered by Mary! At Bell Dental, she is our go-to expert for all insurance-related inquiries. Not only can she help you navigate your policy and better understand your out of pocket expenses, but she can recommend ways in which you can keep more money in your pocket while receiving the care you need. Want to avoid tiresome phone calls with your insurance company? She’ll be happy to work on your behalf to get you the answers you need as well as file any paperwork or claims to make your experience more enjoyable and stress-free.