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I Have Laugh Lines: Can Dermal Fillers Help?

October 2, 2023

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a closeup of a woman with laugh lines

Have you looked in your bathroom mirror lately and noticed that your face just doesn’t seem to look as young as it used to? Father Time isn’t always kind, and sometimes wrinkles and laugh lines can appear on our faces that age us greatly! Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to counter our body’s natural aging process, and one such method involves using dermal fillers to address laugh lines. Continue reading below to learn a little more about laugh lines and how dermal fillers offer an excellent solution for restoring your face’s youthful look!

What Are Laugh Lines?

Laugh lines are the folds or wrinkles that run from the outer corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth—and as their name implies, they often make their appearance whenever a person smiles or laughs.

When you’re younger, your skin has more collagen and is more flexible; so when you laugh or smile and these lines appear, they aren’t permanent. However, as you age, your skin loses some of its elasticity, and these lines can remain on your face, becoming more pronounced over time and remaining even after you’ve relaxed your face. Additionally, there are some other risk factors aside from age that can worsen laugh lines: smoking, frequent sun exposure, and fluctuations in weight can all contribute to their appearance.

How Can Dermal Fillers Treat Laugh Lines?

Dermal fillers are soft gels that are injected into the face and used to sculpt it and remove lines, wrinkles, and folds. Essentially, they help draw nutrients back into the skin to restore some of its former elasticity, hydration, and volume. The end result is skin that looks healthier, younger, and of course, more beautiful.

These safe injections typically take only a couple of minutes to administer and involve very little discomfort or downtime, with results that can be seen immediately. These results can also last anywhere from 6 to 12 months before retreatment is needed.

It’s also worth noting that there are other lifestyle habits you can adopt to prevent laugh lines from appearing or worsening. These include proper hydration, proper nutrition, adequate exercise, and wearing sunscreen on your face every day. Nonetheless, laugh lines can still appear as we grow older; fortunately, dermal fillers have established themselves as an excellent solution!

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